To startup any business, you need an expert business plan to determine the kind of investment, strategy and operational requirement of the business. This business plan concern production of any business product and service with other multipurpose products and services.
In this business plan, you have access to the findings of our market research as presented in the business plan section.

We conceptualized the business, providing an overview of the business, management/ownership drive and characteristics of the business. So when seeking for loans from banks or partnership from investors, better still, having a captivating introduction to the business, the executive summary provides a key.

The main aim of the business is presented in this section of the business plan. The services and potentials of the business was articulated in three terms, shopping bag production for general commercial business, customized shopping bag production for corporate business and branding, and multipurpose bag production i.e. waste bags etc.

Based on the Nigerian situation, the feasibility for the business was accessed and part of our findings reveal that the business is profitable in virtually all part of Nigeria, though the cost of diesel was a major constraint. However, operating within the present economic reality is profitable. This provided insight into the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat of the business which was considered in the drafting of the marketing plan.

We understand that the success of any business and its profitability depends on the marketing and sales of the product or services. In addressing the marketing needs of the business, we evolved strategies for B2B Marketing (Business to Business), Business to Customer Strategy (B2C) and Business to Business to Customer (B2B2C). with this strategy, the business can meetup with it sales target.

For a small scale startup, we have derived an efficient 5 manpower staff to handle the production and supply of the business. The manager in this case is the business owner. A business manager can be employed when the owner does not have the time to focus on the business, though, monitoring and supervision is essential.

Your investment start with an estimation of the startup requirement which help you decide if you can go into the investment or not, considering your capital. For a start, we estimated the cost of factory site, extruder machine, sealing machine, puncher, power generating set (32kv), cost of installation and registration among others. This cost will enable you plan your investment as growing a business is a continuous process.

A comprehensive operational cost of the business was estimated to cover labor cost, cost of raw materials, cost of energy and other input that will be required on monthly bases. The same cost estimation was done for shopping bag production and pure water sachet production.


The cash flow analysis will provide you with vital information on the turnover of the business. To make cash flow, we looked at best case and worst case scenario, examining scenario when the business operates below capacity and sells below the market price especially within 1-6 months of operation since they may not be able to meet up within the short run period. More details is presented in section 6.0 of the business plan and the revenue and profit for each level was calculated. The cash flow was segmented into two, cash flow for shopping bags and sachet water.

For the business, we anticipate a situation where the investor will be raising finance for the business through personal sources. Notwithstanding, you may source finance from banks and borrowing in the event that your personal finance cannot actualize the business plan.

This complete business plan is available for your order/purchase. The business plan consists of 11 full pages of quantitative, qualitative, statistical and econometric analysis on the business and information was sourced from the field. The business plan will be delivered to your email in PDF and DOC format.

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Our prices are negotiable and dependent on the proposed location of the business or the purpose of the business plan (Market Researchers and International Investors should signify)


Our delivery time is 10 Minutes after payment has been confirmed. This is because the business plan has already been made. However, for businesses to be sited in other parts of Africa or Europe and other countries where the economic conditions may be different, we would take longer time to conduct feasibility study for such areas before drawing your business plan except the client wants the business plan as it is.

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